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Sue O'Brien - Counselling in Cardiff


I'm based in Sam's Rooms - 174 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff CF14 3NB for face to face work and also offer online sessions

Individuals £70, Couples £90, Students £55

For information email or call 07306 853912

I'm a systemically qualified individual and couples counsellor and trauma and Internal Family Systems informed (IFSI)

I have particular skill in working with relationship issues, grief, guilt, suicidal thinking, self-harm, disordered eating, substance use, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and most of all, hope.   


My role is not to tell you what to do - instead it's about using our therapeutic relationship get to know and understand you, your emotions, thoughts and behaviours in a compassionate, non-pathologising way to discover how they impact on you, your relationships, life and wellbeing.   

Sometimes you just need the right questions to discover that you have the answer to the way forward - I can help you find the right questions.​​

Working with Individuals




'First of all I'm a human being and last of all I'm a therapist.'  Rollo May 

I understand that life, past and present, can be a bitch - it can slap us in the face so hard it can be a struggle to get through the day.  Sometimes there aren't any solutions - unfortunately there are things we cannot change - but, we can change how we cope with them.  Giving ourselves the space to feel heard, respected and validated can at the very least bring us some peace, but more often it brings a reassurance that we are not broken, that our bodies and emotions are simply reacting to our past and present experiences, and from there, things can start to shift.  ​

We’ll work together with an open mind focussing on what matters to you, how you feel you fit in the world and whether this aligns with how you’d like to fit in the world.  We’ll explore and connect to your experiences so you can understand them bringing acceptance, healing and change.

Working with Couples





An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behaviour.'  Viktor E Frankl


Couples Counselling is a healthy, positive and supportive exploration into the issues and challenges experienced by couples. 

Every couple is unique, yet couple problems often have a commonality – one or both partners having a sense of not feeling validated, heard or understood.  Emotions and tensions can run high leading to feelings of blame, shame, hurt and confusion. 


These issues are often less of a lack of commitment or love, but more a position of becoming ‘stuck’ with unhelpful communication a typical theme. 


My role is to act as an impartial guide, to assist you in reaching the goals you set based on your situation and desire.  I believe we are partners in the therapeutic process and by exploring together past and present patterns of communication and behaviour, we can discover the strengths and resources of your relationship along with solutions which can lead to new ways to relate and respond to one another.


Life asked Death, 'Death, why does everyone love me, but hate you?

Death replied, 'Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.'

Source Unknown


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