I'm currently offering online sessions and aim to return to face to face work in Cardiff in July.

Sessions are £70 with concessions for students. 

For information, email or call 07306 853912


'First of all I'm a human being and last of all I'm a therapist.'  Rollo May 


I'm particularly skilled at working with young people (18-25); relationship breakdown; grief, guilt; suicidal thinking; self-harm; relationship issues with food; substance use, and most of all, hope. 


'An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behaviour.' Viktor E Frankl


I understand that life, past and present, can be a bitch - it can slap us in the face so hard it can be a struggle to get through the day.  Sometimes there aren't any solutions - unfortunately there are things we cannot change - but, we can change how we cope with them.  Giving ourselves the space to feel heard, respected and validated can at the very least bring us some peace, but more often it brings a reassurance that we are not broken, that our bodies and emotions are simply reacting to our experiences, and from there, things can start to shift.  ​

'She listens, she asked all of the right questions that made me think but were never intrusive or uncomfortable and she understands me and my complicated past more than anybody I have ever met.'   Client Testimonial - used with permission


I'm a systemically trained counsellor with existential thinking - my role is not to tell you what to do - instead it's about using our therapeutic relationship to explore your relationships and the impact your experiences are having on your life and wellbeing. Sometimes you just need the right questions to discover that you have the answer to the way forward - I'd like to help you find the right questions.​